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A blog about my game dev hobby and various stuff.



Game Dev Hobbyist

A blog about my game dev hobby and various stuff.



The CardEngine framework is an add-on to the Godot game engine which provides basic functionality to develop card based games. Like Godot it comes under the MIT license, and the source code is available on GitHub. The main goal of this project is to provide a good amount of flexibility while not requiring a lot of code to be written. With it you can create games inspired by Hearthstone, or Slay the Spire.

NOTE: the framework is still in very early stage, expect things to not function out of the box and everything is subject to change.


  • Integrated UI: CardEngine's UI is integrated inside the Godot Engine Editor.
  • Flexible card database design: CardEngine stores card inside databases using a flexible but simple structure.
  • Straightforward Database query: CardEngine allows to write database query in a straightforward manner.
  • Advanced in-memory card management : CardEngine supports in-memory card filtering and sorting.
  • Powerful layout system: CardEngine provides a code-less container widget creation tool.
  • Advanced animation tools: CardEngine offers an easy way to create complex card animations.
  • Many quality-of-life tools: CardEngine comes with other tools to help creating card-based game.

Getting started

To learn how to start using CardEngine, please consult the guide here.

Learn more about CardEngine

To learn how to use all the features of CardEngine, please consult the official documentation.

Going deeper

Once you feel comfortable with the notions explained in the documentation you can explore the demo. You will be able to see how to put them together in a coherent manner. The starting points are the screens.